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Through an innovative combination of materials and construction techniques once found only in premium athletic apparel, we’ve created the world’s first high performance gardening gloves.

Like all great tools, their design and functionality help make your time outdoors more enjoyable, productive and comfortable. We listen to our customers and continually make small ‘running changes’ based on user feedback. Which means, we make the best gloves you’ll ever wear.

Our WORK, LANDSCAPE, WATERPROOF, GRIP, TERRAIN, and CLASSIC gloves are now made with a fabric that comes from recycled water bottles. Each pair of West County Gloves will remove two large plastic water bottles from landfills, save energy and produce at least 40% less CO². Our new fabric is stronger, softer, and easier on the planet.

Our eco efforts are part of our commitment to developing high quality, innovative products that are less harmful to the environment and rely on fewer non-renewable resources.

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